YORK® YC2E Air Conditioner

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Next-Level Efficiency in an Affordable Package

YORK® YC2E Single-stage Air Conditioners offer next-generation efficiency in an entry-level package with microchannel coil technology and a compact cabinet. These units are optimized for compliance with 2023 DOE standards with 14.3 SEER2 cooling efficiency and high EER2 performance required for southern US climates. Engineered and designed for easy installation and servicing, and assembled with the highest quality materials, the YC2E offers energy savings and lasting performance for years to come.


  • Optimized for southern US climates
  • Improved alloy microchannel coil provides more performance in less space
  • Durable, steel-extruded, louver coil guards provide protection against coil damage
  • Better Service Access – Diagonal base valves with open access for low-loss fittings, single panel access to the electrical controls, swing out control box for full corner access, and removable fan guard allow easy access for unit maintenance. Optimized for 2023 DOE efficiency requirements
  • Reliable operation proven in our extreme, 5-year accelerated-wear test facility
  • Compact footprint allows the unit to fit in smaller spaces
  • Low Operating Sound Levels – Developed using CFD and FEA tools, the sturdy cabinet and top design provides sound performance of 76 dBA or lower. Compatible accessories for further sound reduction are also available.
  • Top Discharge – Warm air is blown up, away from the structure and any landscaping and allows compact location on multi-unit applications.